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So I ended the first round of my playoff pool going two for eight. Man, these playoffs! Thursday night saw the elimination of both the Ottawa Senators (RIP) and the Florida Panthers. Therefore, rounding out the rest of round-two in the Eastern conference are the favoured New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils.

Now, we’ve spoken of upsets before this season. Although the Rangers and the Devils were the favourites to win their respective series’, the other two first-round series’ in the East were magnificent underdog victories.

The Philadelphia Flyers took the Stanley Cup favourites out in six games – even starting the series with a 3-0 lead over Sidney Crospy and his precious Pittsburgh Penguins. It was one of the highest scoring series’ of all-time, which included Claude Giroux setting a franchise record for most points within one series. The Washington Capitals also managed to take the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Boston Bruins, to seven games – and win! This was probably the most shocking upset of the entire first-round.

The unpredictability of this post-season renders the following comments completely useless, but here is a look at how I see the next round unfolding in the East. (more…)


We all knew that Pavel Kubina was leaving Tampa Bay – we just didn’t know where he’d end up. The defenseman was asked to submit a list of teams he was willing to be traded to by Saturday morning and by Saturday evening a deal with the Philadelphia Flyers had been reached. (more…)

NHL fans: it’s time to get serious. With All-Star weekend now behind us, the most enjoyable of stresses now falls upon us – trade deadline. This year’s deadline promises to be one of the greatest impacts in recent years.

This season, like any other, has had its fair share of trade rumours. What’s changed is their probability: recent years have shown teams focusing more on building their team up from the bottom, choosing youth over highlight-reel players. The odds of all-star players changing teams were low, and each season at trade deadline it would be unlikely to see more than three top players change locations.

Not this year. (more…)