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Dearest Senators,

As I sit here nursing my hangover from last night, I look back on your season and think of mostly positives. As disappointed as I was in your defeat and elimination Thursday night, I can’t help but feel guilty. How dare I expect more from you – the team who was pegged to be last in the league this season by a majority of hockey experts, analysts, and Leafs’ fans. You boys worked hard this season, and this letter is a salute. (more…)


49-33-3-5: this is the all-time regular season record for the Ottawa Senators when facing the Toronto Maple Leafs. That’s a .598 winning percentage. Add to this one conference championship and one President’s Trophy win post 2000-’01 compared to Toronto’s zero and zero. Post 2000-01, the Senators have also tallied 3 division championships and appeared in the playoffs eight times (and clinched their ninth post-season trip earlier this week) – making the Stanley Cup finals once. The Leafs, during the same period of time, landed no division championships and have made the playoffs only four times – never appearing in the finals.