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Dear 2011-12 Chicago Blackhawks,

How’s it going? A little tough to look at direct sunlight, I’d assume. It’s okay. You’re allowed some time to grieve after being eliminated at the hands of Mike Smith the Phoenix Coyotes. Hell, I spent Monday night drowning myself in a bottle. We’ve been together for 16 years and, after all this time, seeing you go away for summer never gets easier.

I figured I’d take some time to address some of you today. Call it a healing exercise. Maybe it’s a preemptive strike on Festivus, because as the great Frank Costanza once said, “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people. And now, you’re going to hear about it.” (more…)


Some NHL teams are blessed – they have a legitimate No.1 goaltender. They have a star netminder between the pipes that they can consistently rely on, season after season, to perform at the elite level for 60-plus games each season. Teams such as the New York Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes, and the Montreal Canadiens don’t tend to put up, day after day, with media representatives asking which goalie will start that night’s game; it’s simply assumed that Henrik Lundqvist, Cam Ward, or Carey Price will be there to tend the mesh.

But, in general, the franchise goalie is disappearing. The pressure put on NHL goalies, specifically noticeable over the last few seasons, is immense: perform or ride the pine – no second chances. There is no stability for non-franchise goalies to feel when they know each game they play could be their last for a long, long time. For a majority of NHL clubs, the problems are the same each season: they lack goaltending. (more…)